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Best of Bristol

Posted: 10th April 2018 at 2:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
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If you want to go for a city break, then Bristol would be a fantastic choice. How did we come to this conclusion? After we have made a deep research we actually found that many people choose this destination due to the fact that it has lots to offer. Read this article in order to see the best of Bristol.

Bristol Harbour

This beautiful area of the city is home to many interesting museums, art galleries, exhibitions, shops, and restaurants with delicious dishes. Furthermore, this is also the place where the massive Bristol Aquarium and At-Bristol Science Center are. If you want you can enjoy a relaxing trip on the Avon River with one of the many ferry boats found at Bristol harbor.

Llandoger Trow

This Inn is a very interesting one and you must not miss it when you visit Bristol. The building has actually been restored in 1991 and it is linked to the Royal Theatre by an underpass. Very delicious food is being served at this Inn, traditional and European as well. If you are alone in this beautiful city then in order to have some fun you can look for an escort. It is known the fact that escorts can easily be found all over the UK, and most of them are actually very intelligent and beautiful and they make an excellent company for all single men who are looking for some entertainment.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

This massive bridge has been completed in 1864 and it is just stunning. If you want to learn more about its construction then you should stop at the information center or even join a weekend behind-the-scenes tour. Don’t miss the Clifton Observatory Hill in order to enjoy a breathtaking view. This Observatory is also the place to see Giant’s Cave and the Camera Obscura.

Bristol Old City

This location is full of historical buildings, each of them with its own beauty and interesting story. Have a look at the St. Stephen’s Church where the Martin Pring’s tomb is. Very close to this church you will find the medieval St. John on the Wall and St. John’s Gate. Another beautiful attraction located in Bristol Old City is the Neoclassical Old Council House and the Palladian-style Exchange. Enjoy a relaxing walk and learn more about this city by taking a close look at all the buildings we have mentioned above.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Anyone who loves art is most welcome to visit the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. There are not more and not less than three floors with interesting displays such as wildlife, Egyptian mummies, gemstones, oriental arts, and more. There is an entire section just for I.K. Brunel’s many achievements. All in all, this place is charming and even if you are not in love with art you will still admire what you are going to see.

Blasé Castle House

This attraction is also iconic for Bristol. The Picture Room is absolutely amazing. It has a domed glass ceiling, and it is beautifully decorated with lots of paintings. The Blasé Castle House is very popular for its impressive collection of children’s toys, including a large range of trains, dolls, and toy soldiers. Therefore, it is the excellent attraction for children. If you decide to visit this location take into account that it is closed from January to March.

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